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The thetaOne Air Sanitizer is a wall-mounted unit utilizing a quiet fan and a powerful UV-C exposure chamber to effectively eliminate airborne pathogens

We are pleased to announce our patent has been approved.

US Patent #11357882 Method, Apparatus and System for Reducing Pathogens in a Breathable Airstream in an Environment. Issued June 14th, 2022. International Patents Pending.

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Other Systems

ucvPhyzx thetaOne


Most device claims do not cite an actual lab test, test method, or time duration of test.

ucvPhyzx products have been independently tested by RTI International. Read the report.


Most other systems have not published CARm standard approved numbers.

The uvcPhyzx thetaOne machine produces sanitized air at 156 cubic ft per min/ CARm.


Most devices only trap pathogens on a filter rather than inactivating them or have UV of low power and effectiveness. Also many other devices are attached to an HVAC system.

Our patented technology uses a UV Illumination chamber to kill pathogens, and runs independently without an HVAC system.


Other products emit harmful UV light into the room and produce dangerous levels of noise.

UV light is internal to our product and they are low-noise and low-maintenance.


Proven Results

Product Testing

thetaOne Bottom View thetaOne Display


What does it do?

Air passes through an intense UV-C Photon field in the illumination cavity where photon energy disrupts the DNA and RNA structures eliminating a pathogen’s ability to replicate.

How do you know it works?

RTI, an independent testing lab certified the device with a Clean Air Rate microbial (CARm) of 156 CFM using MS2 (a SARS-CoV-2 surrogate virus which is 10 times more difficult to inactivate). Our device is equally effective on other pathogens such as flu virus.

What makes it special?

Our Innovation is that we inactivate pathogens without the need for noisy HEPA filtration using our novel approach of Photon Density. We take the most heavily-laden viral air from near the floor of the room and discharge sanitized air into the upper room. Our device and the room comprise a “system” designed using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to create “Clean Air Zones” to targeted areas within a room.

What do you mean “System”?

Each unit is suitable for a given amount of room volume and desired air changes per hour. If the room exceeds this volume, we add additional units. How the units interact tailors the clean air distribution within the space. One unit is suitable for an office, two for a typical conference room, and 2-3 for a classroom or training room.

How does the device “Save Energy”?

Suggested solutions for improving indoor air quality include increased filtering in HVAC systems or opening windows for fresh air. These techniques significantly increase energy usage. Our system operates full time without need for HVAC or outside air. There is no increased load due to filtration or need to heat/cool/humidify outside air saving energy over alternatives.